Executive's Tool: Conditions for the Success of Executive Coaching

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Skills of HR
Skills of Outside Coach
Skills of Executive
Ability to…
Stating the business case for coaching and getting clear sponsorship.

- Strategic influence and environmental positioning

- Best in class Set leadership outcomes and solicit (or attract) sponsors
Developing a partnership with coaches. - Recruitment and selection
- Partnership skills
- Partnership skills Define what you are looking for in a coach
Bringing credibility to the work through you own example as coaches in the organization.

- Credibility
- Image

- Credibility
- Image
Knowing when coaching is the right intervention and assessing readiness & capability. - Assessment - Diagnostic skills-individual Assess self as a candidate for coaching
Setting realistic objectives, timeframes, and outcomes. - Project oversight

- Project planning
- Client relations

Prioritize coaching objectives
Aligning coaching outcomes with business objectives. - Business acumen - Business acumen
- Strategic thinking
Set business objectives
Defining who the "true" client is at the outset. - Diagnosis-organizational - Diagnosis-organizational Provide information to the coach on the entire 'system' and players involved
Matching type and depth of intervention to client needs.   - Business case versatility Provide feedback to the coach re: impact of interventions
Preventing collusion with either the individual or the organization.

- Self-awareness
- Fluid framing

- Blend of directness and compassion  
Ensuring the coaching is actionable. - Pragmatism - Pragmatism
"Real time" consultation ability
Take risks and experiment with new approaches on the job
Measuring and creating value to the individual and the organization. - Evaluation - Self-monitoring Solicit feedback from stakeholders on what is working and not working
Clarifying and upholding confidentiality and ethics in coaching. - Integrity

- Discretion
- Integrity

Define confidentiality needs