Executive's Tool:
Executive Coaching Checklist


Use the following Checklist to help make decisions on the appropriateness of Executive Coaching for you or somebody else and to help select the best coaching and coach for your situation.

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1.    Is coaching right for the executive right now?

  • He/she is motivated to change or learn.
  • He/she has others needed support to accomplish the coaching.
  • He/she believes that he/she is primary person who needs to do something now (not someone else).
  • He/she is ready for a collaborative partnership to learn and/or achieve business results.
  • He/she is receptive to one-on-one help and guidance.
  • He/she is emotionally stable and not going through any major, personal period of crisis or distress
  • He/she is willing to commit him/herself to a period of significant time and work to make the coaching successful.

2. What does the executive want or need to accomplish through executive coaching?

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Skill development
  • Habit change
  • Develop/improve relationships
  • Plan strategy
  • Implement strategy
  • Success at a new assignment
  • Improve the executive’s communication
  • Manage change
  • Plan the executive’s development
  • Resolve conflict
  • Help gain personal awareness
  • Clarify roles/responsibilities
  • Other goals: ____________________________

3. What is the most important thing the executive needs to accomplish in coaching?


4. How does a coach need to help?

  • Educate/teach the executive
  • Get and give feedback for the executive
  • Mediate issues between the executive and other(s)
  • Collect data and help evaluate the situation
  • Advise
  • Mentor
  • Discuss things, talk them out
  • Other help:_____________________________


5. Based on the executive’s past experience and what the executive is like, what qualities would be most important in the executive’s coach?

  • Directness
  • Compassion
  • Experience
  • Diplomacy
  • Patience
  • Knowledge:_______________________________
  • Experience:_______________________________
  • Intelligence:_______________________________
  • Humor
  • Pace: _______________________________
  • Listening
  • Other personal characteristics or styles in a coach:



6. Important things a coach should know about the situation and the executive to help decide if the coach is the best fit: