What are 360's and How Can I Manage Mine Most Effectively?

A 360 is a collection of feedback from people who work all around you (360 degrees around you). There are many ways to collect the feedback and many kinds of feedback, which can be collected. Data collected through a 360 process is often extremely valuable in conjunction with other objective information about you and how you view yourself. Some form of 360 data is usually used as part of executive coaching. It can be invaluable to help you understand, internalize, and accept how you are viewed by others, compared to your own view, before, during, and/or after your coaching.

Conducting 360's Before, During, and After Coaching

Before beginning your coaching, a 360 can give you a baseline to help you set priorities for your development. That baseline can assist you in knowing what to check up on later to see if the changes you make as a result of your coaching positively change how you are perceived by others. When a 360 is conducted in the middle of a coaching process, it can give you useful data on what's working and what you may need to change about your action plan to make a difference in the eyes of those with whom you work. After coaching is completed, a follow-up 360 can give you a pre-post comparison to help you evaluate the degree to which you have accomplished your coaching goals and set new objectives for your continued development.