What Do I Do with Assessment Reports Once I Get them?

An assessment report is only data. It is actionable if the data is valid, reliable, current, specific, relevant, and complete. The first thing to do with the report is to spend time reading it on your own. After reading through all of the data, go back and pull out the information that stands out for you. Make notes of the frequency of results and record the patterns that are consistent and important to you. Cull out the patterns and themes from which to build your coaching goals. Work with your coach to decide which of those goals are achievable, how they can be best achieved, and what plan you and your coach will use for implementation. Prepare a summary of what you have learned and present that summary to the people involved in your coaching (boss, HR professional, mentor(s), etc.). Ask for the support you need to have the greatest success in your coaching. Be sure to work with your coach to document the conclusions from your assessments and 360 for reference during and after your coaching. We all have selective memories and your notes about your assessments and 360's can help you remember things you may otherwise forget but need to remember. When all is said and done, your assessment and 360 is conducted primarily for you to better understand yourself and how you could improve. Work with your coach to make it valuable for you and help you decide what you want to work on, track your progress, and evaluate your success.